Saturday, August 25, 2007

Toxic Tales of Williamsburg Pin-Up #4: Luxo, The Living Condo

When Greedy developers did not heed the words of a local sage, they broke ground on a cursed lot! After erecting a multi-storied luxury apartment building, they soon realized the structure contained sentient life! Now the giant dwelling has become a misunderstood monster, roaming the streets of Williamsburg for a home as... Luxo, the Living Condo!

Hey all! The day is here and the show is framed. The pieces look good despite minor color and size issues. If you can make it, check out the opening tonight. If not, the show will be hanging up for a month.

The Abbey presents
"Toxic Tales of Williamsburg"
Comic Book covers by Brendan Tobin

Saturday, August 25th, 2007 6PM
The Abbey
536 Driggs Ave. (between N. 7th & N. 8th)
718.599.4400 L Train to Bedford Ave.



James said...

Great stuff. Luxo rocks! Wish I was in town to check it out in person. Guess I got the next thing thing-seeing them online.

Brendan Tobin said...

Thanks James! Check the latest pics for the show opening pics. Luxo for President in '08!



GOOD STUFF MAN. I am so happy your show turned out well. Lemme know when you are doing another one and I will get down on that shit.....right quick.


Brendan Tobin said...

Thanks brother. You will be the first to know (after Vinrod, the keeper of my secrets, his burden I guess). You and your work continues to inspire. Luxo for President in '08!