Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Brooklyn Based Plugs Toxic Tales Show

The good people at brooklynbased.net stumbled upon my blog and asked if they could post a "shout out". They feature artwork from a different artist weekly on their home/index page and this week, it's me. Luxo and the Slick are representin' and there's a link to my site, as well as info about the show. For all who are interested, you can sign up for the newsletter, which does a decent job of offering, as they explain it, Brooklyn distilled.


[UPDATE: September 5, 2007- Another little plug in the article Salvaged Goods with a link to the Madam Mainstay post. Thanks, Nicole!]



Congrats buddy,

Your hard working dun paid off for yah.

Bonus Street Cred.


Joe Andriola said...

hey brendan,,, first time here checkin out the blog. really sweet stuff. love the mario bros. stuff. ill be checkin in periodically now so keep it going.

Brendan Tobin said...


Thank you sir and thanks for all your support. You were one of the louder voices urging me to do a blog.


Thanks for swinging by, you shall be added to the links. Keep checking out the stuff and I will be doing the same on your blog. Hope to see you soon.