Thursday, September 13, 2007

Smoking Buddies

After a long day of scavenging for droids, cleaning them up, and selling them to suck--, I mean, customers under the burning twin suns of Tatooine, you deserve a tasty smoke. Here's a Jawa with his smoking buddy, R5-D4. That droid is a bad influence on the Jawas, teaching them bad habits, like smoking, drinking motor oil, and downloading Ewok porn. What else would you expect from an astromech with a bad motivator?



James said...

Jawas are pretty tight. Sand people and Jawas never got enough of the storyline. Would like to see the sand people attack the Jawas...Like your take on the Jawa...

Brendan Tobin said...


Sand People is the wrong nomenclature, dude, they prefer Tusken Raider. In any case, an epic battle between Sand Peeps and filthy Jawas is a good idea. How about Sand People playing tether ball with a Jawa tied to a stick? Thanks for the comments, buddy.


sal iovine said...

yo brendan nice drawing man. that jawa is looking good. keep em coming you posting machine!

Brendan Tobin said...

Hey Sal-

Thanks for the comments and words of encouragement. I enjoy the work you've been posting as well, solid stuff, my man. I will definitely be checking it out. Consider yourself linked on the list.


Dan said...

Damn....I missed a lot here...been slackin on my blog postin/watchin.

Love the steched, and the colorin on this.

Hope all is well

Brendan Tobin said...

Hey Dan-

Naw, you ain't been slacking, I've been on a bit of a tear with posting. I guess I'm a bit addicted to the blog thing, but it's forcing me to push myself to do stuff. Which is good. All is well, hope the same with you.


Dagan Moriarty said...

haaaaaa, hysterical!

"Hey what are you trying to push on us?!"


R5 was a son-of-a-gun, but where do you think HE learned all that mischief from... that's right, 'Power-Droid,' that rascal.


Great work, Bren... i can't BELIEVE how much work you're posting-up! Nice variety, and all a lot of fun, man!

Brendan Tobin said...

Mr. Moriarty-

Nice, an Uncle Owen quote! Ooteeni!

You know, I should have suspected that damn power droid! Never trust a box with legs. Thanks for the comments, Dagan. I have been trying to vary it up and show a lot of different stuff and have fun with it, too. Hope to get some life drawing up in here when I get a life.



jesus......could you post any less....

Do you even work on A.C. stuff anymore....seems like you just rock the blog like a hardcore porn star.

Great R5 by the way...I may have to watch that flick this weekend.

Brendan Tobin said...


Sorry to overstimulate with the posts. Some stuff I'm just cleaning out of the ol' hard drive, but this beaut' is all new (among other posts). I'm on a kick. Keep your eye out for a Lovecraft favorite with a twist posting this weekend. Have fun watching the flick. Maybe we should have a SW draw-off.