Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Dude Abides

First pass on Mr. Lebowski here. Meh.



James said...

Great to see the Duder! Thought you might have hated the BL after those days of endless quotes from it on Ellen's. Nice stuff. Makes me want to make a White Russian and go bowling. Remember though, the dude is overweight from all the munching after 'burning J's'. Be nice to see Walter too. Surprised no ones attempted to make animation shorts or graphic novel at least...

'At least I'm housebroken.'

Brendan Tobin said...

Hey James-

Yeah, at the time, the incessant quoting was a bit grating at times, but it is a Coen Bros. masterpiece and a good flick to boot. Yeah I made the Dude a bit thin, but only so he would stand out next to Walter (which I hope to do next). They would make a nice animation short. Hmmmm..... However, there was a cameo in Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends as seen here:



yeah its a bit much in a few areas I like the overall shape but find the hair a little distracting. I also would like to see a little different approach on the bowling ball...

But that is just me.


Brendan Tobin said...


You are quite the bulldog, but I agree. It was a quick diddle I did on Sunday and definitely want to revisit.


Joe Andriola said...

cant go wrong with a lebowski drawing, nice work. if youre going to do a walter please throw in a jesus as well. even a little one in the background.

Brendan Tobin said...


I've come to realize you can't leave out the Jesus. Consider it done.


Dan said...

nice brendan...

sorry i havent been around the blog,,,,been slackin a little....been checkin in though and stuff looks great...

Later pal

Brendan Tobin said...

Hey Dan-

Yeah, I've slowed down myself this October. As always, you're welcome to drop by and leave a comment or two. Hope to see some stuff up on your blog soon (as well as my own). Take care.


Dagan Moriarty said...

nice, Bren!

I've seen this movie so many times,
it's not even funny....... Actually, the movie still IS funny ta' me, that's why i keep watching it!



Hope all is well, brutha-man.

garyfields said...

found your blog thru a friend at work, hsin-huey, and it's really nice work!! you've got a great style. do you do stuff for fatkat? keep in touch.

Brendan Tobin said...


I should actually own the movie. It's that much a classic. All is well here, best to the family, Big Daddy.


Welcome! I do not work for FatKat (the guy above you on comments was working on Skunk Fu and my prior employer is working on a project with them), but maybe I should drop them a line. They do good stuff up there in the frozen north. Enjoyed your blog & cartoon style and will definitely be in touch. My best to the lovely Hsin-Huey.