Saturday, September 1, 2007

More Pics of Toxic Tales of Williamsburg Opening at the Abbey

Steve Moverley

Added a few more pictures from the Toxic Tales of Williamsburg opening at the Abbey. Want to get back to posting drawings, the reason I created the blog in the first place. With the long weekend, perhaps I can squeeze a few out and slap 'em on up the blog. Enjoy and thanks again for all those who have expressed interest in the art hanging in the show.

Meredith Rodgers and Ray Alma

Luxo in the Titanic Grip of the Predatory Lender

Charlie Reis

Pedro Delgado and myself



terminus said...

I'll give you a couple now, and more later:

first frame: omninus helicopters circling large skyscraper
second frame: pull back to view of hero inside skyscraper, rifling through file cabinets on 28th floor.
third frame: interior dialogue -- they got here quicker than I thought they would. Must be getting closer to smoking gun.
OVERLAY: Newsclips of "EPA says OK!" | Air safe to breathe | Christie Todd Whitman reports findings of scientists -- falling out of file cabinets
fourth frame: smoke of gun blurs into smoking building. Guns fire from helicopters.
fifth frame: hero jumps out, sees 'EPA' on sides of helicopters, in a window's reflection.
sixth frame: breaks legs in fall.

[Note: EPA villians never set foot on Brooklyn soil, an ironic device, when set against the fact that The Slick can never lift his feet off the ground.)

Like Vulcan (and Barbara Gordon), The Slick relies on technology to get him about. Hides his weakness like Daredevil. By being connected to environmental crimes that are not air pollution emissions (which is the worst problem in our town) he hopes to cover his trail.

An example of the meta-theme of misdirection in this story arc, The Slick actually is a hero, although The Media continually asserts that he is a WMD, he protects old-timers from being kicked out of their grandparent's homes by keeping land values artificially low: who would want to buy a home on an oil spill?

Of course, his aunt died in "Cancer Alley," of pancreatic cancer, where the slick is. So he has personal investment in that crime as well. However, although his earliest crime fighting came during a time when he was allied with EPA, his deformed legs constantly remind him of how far he has moved away from EPA.

Other crimes: DECom, ConDead, MoBust connections to Radiac and Luxo -- overall philosophy is to scare people into leaving so that Hipsters can take control, just like Lex Luthor tried to in "No Man's Land" in Gotham City.

Captain Hipster -- no bags of money or natural fibers of any kind, only plastic. Exposure to natural materials is like kryptonite to the hipster, at best only an allergic reaction that will require him to tap again into his trust fund.

Madam Mainstay -- connection with Nick Fury of SHIELD?

Luxo -- don't forgot Mole Man analogy -- digging up foundations exposes the subway, ... and worse!

Radiac is a cover for worse things, an emotional punching bag like Scarecrow -- its apparent manevolence masks an even more treacherous evil...

Brendan Tobin said...

Ah, Professor Terminus, we meet again.

Nice observations on the Slick,; I particularly like the handicap/imperfection issues that Marvel dealt with so well when creating characters like the Thing, Spider-Man and Daredevil. The aunt in "Cancer Alley" is brilliant as well and serves to tie the character to our neighborhood a bit tighter. We've spoken before about the role of the EPA and their beauracratic failings as it pertains to the protection of the public and I still maintain that Carrington was a do-gooder within an imperfect organization. Your thoughts on his status with law enforcement and media harkens back to The Watchmen, a series that proves to be just as relevent to modern times as it was 20-odd years ago. The Slick, a man fighting for the people at odds with the man, a concept I would wholly agree with and describes acharacter like the slick, hence his nocturnal nature.

Yes, Captain Hipster finds the lackluster style of natural fibers weakens his overall fashion sense. Kryptonite, indeed.

I find Madam Mainstay to be more along the lines of Dr. Strange than Nick Fury. Who would worry about global machinations of men when there are bigger mystical threats dooming our reality? And they are moving in, right next door.

Luxo and exposing of subterranean villainy? Love it.

Radiac's a maniac and we've spoken of the trumped up threats it actually poses. Still, it was horrible decision to close the firehouse that services it. A company I don't know much about and need to do more research on. Still, another not so healthy spot here in Willy-B.

Thanks for the comments and I'm sure we have many more conversations on this topic as well. Also, thank you for all the work and research you do here in the neighborhood and I would suggest any readers to check out the blogs listed on Terminus' Blogger profile.


:: smo :: said...

this is fantastic! is it still up! why doesn't anyone tell me these things?? maybe they're all avoiding me again *SIGH*!!!

great work man! if it's still kickin i'll have to scope it out!

Brendan Tobin said...

Hey Smo-

Sorry I didn't get you an invite. I was pretty busy and neglected a few people. No one's avoiding you that I know of. The show is still up until the end of September. Come on by and check the work. Hope all is well and I'll link your blog up on my list. Thanks for swinging by!


terminus said...

Point of Relevance --

Any toxic/hazardous exposure is _not_ to be responded to by a "normal" firehouse. Instead, a specially trained firehouse, based I believe in Staten Island, is to be the lead unit.

As for Madam Mainstay, if she is who I think she is, "strange" may not be as accurate as "befuddled."

We will continue to disagree about the role of government agencies in a post 9/11 world...

Dagan Moriarty said...

yo Bren,

BIG-congrats on the show, man!
Very nice stuff!

If I were in the city at ALL anymore, why, I'd show my SUPPORT is what i'd do! :)

Looks like you had a nice turn-out for the opening, I would have liked to been there... Next one!

Brendan Tobin said...


Touche. We shall speak more of this at a different venue.


Let me know when next prowling the mean streets of NYC. We shall have libation. I know being down near Philly and duties as a new father keep you busy. Definitely will let you know about the next show. In the meantime, thanks for your support by commenting on the blog.


Frank Summers said...

hey i recognize some of those mugs in those pics! looks like a fun show man! congrats!

Brendan Tobin said...

Hey Frank-

You would know some of them mugs, both the pretty and the, um, super pretty. Sorry I didn't get the call out to the "fallen" AC crew, but thanks for the congrats, brother. Hope to see you and the Curious crew soon.



I stumbled back onto this....Good times man..