Sunday, September 2, 2007

Super Mario Bros.

"It's a me, Stereotype! And he's a my brother, Whatsisface!" Here's a little cartoon of the famous Brooklyn plumbing brothers. I was pondering which color scheme to use, since the two have undergone a few color changes over the past 20 years. Here's how they appeared in 1985's Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System (arcade as well). I've always had an admiration for Luigi, since having an older brother with ownership rights to a NES, yours truly was always 2P. More Mario to come and perhaps some other video game classics. Mama Mia!



Anonymous said...

Super Mario and The Mystery of the Five O' Clock Shadow?

The Mario Brothers, they're always getting into close shaves. So I'm wondering what, exactly, was going on here Tobin.


:: smo :: said...

wise choice on color scheme sir! i only acknowledge this scheme or luigi with green overalls and blue shirt. none of that blue overalls crap! purple pants is right out.

this is the best one as far as readability though!

awesome designs! i love how their both rocking the 5 o' clock shadow and how squat you made mario! ha! plus, there's not enough luigi art out there!!! i was always a 2P as well you see...

i'm going to have to put in a request for that pained luigi running in the air jump from mario 2. i always pictured him in such intense determined strain at the peak of that jump, that looked rough!

to this day i believe that charging up will help me jump higher.

Brendan Tobin said...

Hey Matt (Mysterious Anonymous Man)-

Ha! Sounds like a Koopa plot to smear the image of the valiant bros. to me. I believe they created a supply blockade at the edge of the Mushroom Kingdom to halt the supply of beauty products coming in. This way, the Toadstool royal family would look a bit shabby and lose the popular vote (which is strange, since it is obviously a monarchy). Oh well.


Yeah, actually I have an alt version where he's rockin' green overalls and hat. I agree with you, the blue trunks that both brothers now sport weren't working. Unfortunately, the Goomba crushing Mario was a stronger sketch, but this piece did look better as a finish. Good to meet another 2P out there and I hope to get to that Luigi picture soon. I can see his legs skittering beneath him now. A good squat and a tap of the "a" button charges a man good, as awful as that statement came out.


Frank Summers said...

hah love these man. nice poses.

Brendan Tobin said...

Thanks Frank. I was going for the Italian gesturing type dealie. Whattayagonnado?