Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Action John Dee

In honor of Fred Van Lente Day, we’ll tie in with Fred Van Lente’s upcoming project, Action Presidents, by having out artists do “Action” versions of other historical figures (not Presidents or Philosophers, of course). You suggest a historical figure and our artists will come up with an “Action” design for them (like how Plato was a wrestler, so the great Ryan Dunlavey designed him as a big masked wrestler)

Follower on Twitter, dc2omniverse, suggested: Action John Dee.  John Dee was an interesting figure in history and after boning up on him a bit more, giving it a Dr. Strange/Mike Mignola treatment seemed like a natural inclination.  This also was a celebration in honoring The Line It Is Drawn artist Nick Perks for 100 consecutive weeks of posting pieces; he's included in the crystal ball there.

Check out other great "Action Figures in History" by the talented Liners in the first link.


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