Friday, April 5, 2013

WTF Frantic Friday Fracas: ROUND 2

Welcome to ROUND 2 of WTF Frantic Friday Fracas! Two war-torn warriors enter the rage ring and barbarically battle to the bitter end, leaving one victorious... and the other vanquished! The best part: YOU get to decide who wins! Vote for your favorite fighter in the poll at the bottom of the post each and every week until there is only one: the WTF Champion of the World!

Meet this week's courageous combatants:

Name: Neglected Houseplant
Strengths: Expert pasta maker
Weaknesses: Loves too much
Signature Move: The Foliage Flop


Name: Martin the Shifty Hobo
Strengths: Selfmade Man
Weaknesses: Lactose intolerant
Signature Move: The Box Car Beat-down

Vote for your favorite, poll closes Thursday at 5 pm EST.


WTF Frantic Friday Fracas: ROUND 2
Choose your winner and then press "vote" button below.

EDIT: During an update to my blog, I accidentally erased this post and I've lost the poll, which closed at Neglected Houseplant with 15 votes and Martin, the Shifty Hobo at 16 votes.  Bummer.  But thanks all who voted.

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