Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kind Of OK Comics #043

Rex Tarkleton came shambling back into my life yesterday, looking like a heap of bricks.  He said he's been busy being on the lam after town got too hot for him.  He remains the main suspect in a cheese factory robbery wherein 500 lbs. of sharp cheddar wheels were pilfered.  He said that his unrelated business of becoming a legitimate cheese monger in Northwest New Jersey this past year had gone belly up after his cheddar supply was shot up, obviously the target of misdirected retaliation from a victimized cheese factory owner.  It's best not delve too deep into Mr. Tarkleton's doings, I did, however, purchase this latest comic from him, oddly enough drawn on a wedge of cheese.



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Happy to see Rex again... His cheese odor is now explained clearly..