Friday, April 19, 2013

WTF Frantic Friday Fracas: ROUND 4

Welcome to ROUND 4 of WTF Frantic Friday Fracas!  Two war-torn warriors enter the rage ring and barbarically battle to the bitter end, leaving one victorious... and the other vanquished!  The best part: YOU get to decide who wins!  Vote for your favorite fighter in the poll at the bottom of the post each and every week until there is only one: the WTF Champion of the World!

Meet this week's courageous combatants:

 Sparkles the Maladjusted Birthday Clown
Strengths: Often wins in gambling pursuits
Weaknesses: Doesn't use turn signals
Signature Move: The Funny Flap


 The Flatware Brothers
Strengths: Good listeners
Weaknesses: Tend to wander
Signature Move: The Poke and Scoop


WTF Frantic Friday Fracas: ROUND 4
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