Friday, April 26, 2013

WTF Frantic Friday Fracas: ROUND 5

Welcome to the finals of WTF Frantic Friday Fracas with ROUND 5!  Angry Grilled Cheese returns to the ring from his victory in Round 1, this time facing off against the winner from Round 3: Dingy Pillow!  However, this round, our War-weary™ warriors carry scars from their last encounters.

The deal:

Two wicked warriors enter the rage ring and barbarically battle to the bitter end, leaving one victorious... and the other vanquished!  The best part: YOU get to decide who wins!  Vote for your favorite fighter in the poll at the bottom of the post each and every week until there is only one: the WTF Champion of the World!

Reacquaint yourselves with this week's courageous combatants:

Name: War-weary™ Angry Grilled Cheese
Strengths: Able to drive standard
Weaknesses: Never finished a Sunday NYT crossword puzzle
Secondary Move: The Greasy Grope


Name: War-weary™ Dingy Pillow
Strengths: Knows the quickest route through town
Weaknesses: Harbors a hatred for tacos
Secondary Move: The Cool-Side Clamp

Vote for your favorite, poll ends on Thursday at 5pm.


WTF Frantic Friday Fracas: ROUND 5
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