Saturday, July 11, 2009

MacMulligan's Grievous Golf Gaffes: The Follow Through

Now that you've perfected the fine art of divot making, and perhaps archeological digging as well, MacMulligan continues his pedantic golf instruction with a lesson in the all important follow through:

The Follow Through

As any golf pro will tell you, the follow through is a pertinent part of a long drive golf swing, as to continue the centrifugal force that keeps your club face in line when making contact with the ball. MacMulligan is a long time advocate of such a maneuver in his personal game, yet sometimes, overcome with much zeal and concentration, can overdo it. Luckily, he carries the jaws-of-life with him in his caddy bag just in case. Ach, ye boggin bawbags!

Oh, MacMulligan! Is there anything you don't know?


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NIce....the funniest and most coincidental fact about seeing this image today is the fact that I actually tried to go out golfing with my father and brother yesterday morning.... It's not an easy game..