Friday, July 10, 2009

MacMulligan's Grievous Golf Gaffes: The Divot

For all you golf aficionados, fans, and links hitters, meet Malcolm MacMulligan, golf professional and Scotsman to boot. Having trouble with your game? Let MacMulligan point you in the right direction (I assume that direction is towards the green):

The Divot

A divot is caused when a swung club meets the ground of the fairway before contacting the ball, causing a scrape upon the turf. MacMulligan is an old pro when it comes to the art of the divot. Is he golfing or excavating? Remember, it's always polite to repair your divots. In MacMulligan's case, he could use a steamshovel! Ach, ye mingin midgies!

1 of 3 images I created recently, a present for Scotty Boy's birthday. Hope you have a good one.


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