Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Can Pencil You In, Mr. Buscemi.

I got wet in the rain, was bored on the train, with Steve Buscemi on the brain, and did a couple sketches that are insane. Maybe it's a Brooklyn-Sunday-the-F-train-is-messed-up-again thing and I needed something to do. And I can't think of a better muse than the esteemed Mr. Buscemi. More Buscemis to come.

Oh, and shortly after I posted the first Buscemi (of many to come), I received a comment from the mysterioso Mr. Shhh, who writes a blog dedicated to Steve Buscemi. He, sadly, has no Buscemis in Uruguay and points out I am lucky to have at least one Buscemi here in Brooklyn. I concur, for a country without a Buscemi is a sad place to be. Thanks for popping in, Mr. Shhh!





Will look forward to seeing you on wednesday.


Mr. Shhh said...

Thanks for the link --B. Any part on the web Steve is, I pop up!
And you're right, my country is a very sad place to live... three million people and no Buscemis.

Mr. Shhh

Hsin-Yi said...

These are really fantastic B-Dog! Glad to see that you're producing a variety of work.

smushbox said...

i completely agree that the world needs more steve buscemi, your work is fantastic! +follow :)