Sunday, July 12, 2009

MacMulligan's Grievous Golf Gaffes: The Slice

MacMulligan returns to further educate you failing fairway fops in the skill and etiquette of the game of golf. Now that you've learned the proper method of the follow through, Mac demonstrates a particular drive that is a common bane of the novice golfer:

The Slice

A troublesome occurrence for the amateur golfer, a slice is a drive wherein a ball, in an arc, flies to the right of the intended target. Often, into the deep, dark, scary woods. There are ways to fix issue with correcting grip and stance, however MacMulligan is an advocate of adopting the direct and literal definition when slicing the ball. Ach, yae blootered bampots!

Well, that's all for MacMulligan. If anyone shows any interest maybe I will do up a few more "cards", but for now I move onto other thangs.


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Yep, its a hard game. Its a killer image.